How to Keep Your Home Clean Between Cleaning Service Visits

Here are some speed cleaning tips that can help keep your house clean in between cleaning service visits.  By using these cleaning tips you’ll be happy with your house, even between our visits.

  1. Keep everything well picked up.  A neat  and tidy home automatically looks clean. You don’t have to keep it white glove spotless, but putting things away such as kids’ tips, making your bed, putting laundry in the laundry basket and making sure your dishes are put away or in the dishwasher can go a long way to keep your house look clean.
  2. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters. You don’t have to worry about moving everything to clean that is our job when we come do your weekly or monthly clean, but to wipe down your counters will keep your kitchen and bathrooms clean for a bit, you don’t even have to use any sort of cleaner, just clean water and a sponge or cloth works great.
  3. Clean Kitchen sink and appliances as needed. If last night  dinner splattered all over the stove top, wipe it up.  Greasy fingerprints on the fridge, wipe them off, a little spot cleaning can go a long way in keeping your house looking clean.
  4. Wipe the bathroom mirrors. Use glass cleaner wipes to clean the spots in between your cleaning visits. Keeping a package of wipes in your bathroom can be very useful and so you don’t have to go hunting for them every time you need them.
  5. Dust if you have to. If you have allergies or just can’t stand the sight of dust all over everything,  a light dusting once a week will help keep your house clean. Invest in a duster, it does a great job at actually picking up dust instead of spreading it around.  If you are like most people and dusting is the farthest thing from your mind and you have kids, you could treat it like a game and have them us the duster, kids enjoy feeling like they are helping around the house, and if not no worries (CALL US) we will come by and dust on your schedule visit.

Think of yourself and BRIDGE like a team. Don’t leave everything to them, that way you will save money too. You’re part of the team, so your part by picking things up around your house, spot cleaning, etc, will go a long way. Speed cleaning is just what it sounds like-speedy. Make some time once a week to take pride in your home between service visits.

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