Flying Insects Control

Are you experiencing problems with unwanted fly’s, mosquitos and or moths? If so we can help with our range of serviced insect control machines from industrial to very discreet units we have a solution to fit most environments.

Our service: We will install the right unit for your premises, service and maintain the tubes and glue boards on an agreed frequency ensuring your system is clean and fresh after every service leaving you free to enjoy an insect free zone.

Our Flying Insect Control Service:

• Fast response.
• Online quoting & recommendations
• A range of commercial and discreet insect grids and glue boards tailored to your budget.
• Regular site visits to change and sanitise glue boards, and bulbs, and to ensure your machine is in good working order.
• Prompt replacement and or repairs where required.
• Free site survey by a qualified pest control expert, where required.
• We also ensure you are legally compliant to meet health and safety requirements

We can offer the highest level of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to customers across the UK from single sites to multi site organisations.

With many industries requiring ‘zero tolerance’ to pests/insects we can offer full removal and control programmes tailored to protect you and your customers from flying insect diseases.

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Flying insects can be very unwelcome for a number of reasons.

• Contamination of food, water and surfaces via transmission of diseases
• Flying insects will feed on and spoil all types of uncovered food
• Mosquito bites and stings cause pain and swelling
• Moths will feed on and damage clothing and fabrics

The Risk to Your Business Without Professional Fly/Insect Control

• Legal ramifications due to not meeting required legislation for health & safety.
• Damage to foodstuffs and the associated costs to repair or replace.
• Contamination of goods and foodstuffs putting customers at risk.
• The spread of diseases.
• Potential loss of reputation and trade.

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